A 31-yr-old NSU MBA student in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship was on the West Palm Beach campus today, Sept 13th, going to the courtyard picnic tables for lunch and had a near miss shark attack with a Shortfin Mako. 

The shark swam off with the student’s PIE-POD Double Decker pizza storage and crisper container.  It was  fully loaded with two pieces of cheese pizza covered with anchovies. 

The student was startled but unharmed.

The Shortfin Mako shark is a large, predatory shark that usually lives in the open ocean. It often reaches lengths of 12 feet and weights of at least 1200 pounds. With top speeds of 45 miles per hour, the Shortfin Mako is the fastest shark and is one of the fastest fishes on the planet. 

It remains unknown why the shark came inland but it has been hypothesized that it was lured inland by the anchovy pizza slices in the PIE-POD pizza container.

The PIE-POD pizza crisper tray is capable of reaching temperatures of 450’F in the microwave oven restoring the flavor and crispy crust to any leftover pizza slice.

The modular stacker inserts allow for the storage of any number and type of additional NY style pizza slices… Pepperoni, Meatball, Vegetables, and even Anchovies.

The pie’s the limit!

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Student has near miss attack by Shortfin Mako shark