Saving Pizza,
one slice at a time

Nearly every Sunday evening, Seth and his son Caleb would go to meet their friends, Brian and Justin, for dinner at Osteria Acqua E Farina in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Even though Brian and Justin lived 30 minutes from where they lived, the wood-fired veggie pizza was out of this world and always made the 30-minute drive well worth it.

Sometimes if their friends were not around to join them for dinner, Seth and Caleb would drive to Osteria and get a veggie pizza pie to go just because it was so good.  Every time, without fail, they would eat most of the pizza in the car while driving home.

Local commercial fast-food pizza like Papa, Doms, and Little C. were no comparison to the fresh authentic wood-fired brick oven pizzas from Osteria.

Seth and Caleb began ordering extra pizza pies, so they could take the fresh brick-oven wood-fired pizza home and enjoy them any time.

Once home they would place the whole pizza into a large clean plastic bag and then into the freezer.

Caleb would come home from school and grab a slice from the freezer.  This entailed breaking the frozen pie in half and then putting it into a toaster oven for 15-20 minutes.  Not something anyone wants to do when they are ravenous.

No slices for Seth to bring to work at the hospital since the break rooms only have microwave ovens for reheating food and we all know microwave pizza simply sucks to put it lightly. Until now that is.

Fast Forward to March 2020, 1 month prior to the Pandemic. Seth and Caleb were contestants on a TV show being filmed in Kansas City and were given the challenge of creating any type of storage device.

While brainstorming in a hotel room, Caleb age 9, said “We have a problem storing our pizza pies at home.  Pizza Storage, Dad. Let’s do Pizza storage!”

And the rest is history.

Problem, Solution, Passion…


We hope you enjoy Pie-Pod pizza as much as we do.

To your next slice.  May it be your best slice.


Seth and Caleb

Pie-Pod Founders

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Founded 2020


founder // owner

Seth Marquit, MD

Product Innovation and Master Pizza Taster

Seth has an MD, MPH, and is now earning his MPT (Masters in Pizza Tasting)

Caleb Pizza

Lead Design Engineer

Caleb Marquit

Leftover Pizza Connoisseur